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How do you decide what class my child will be in?

Class designation is determined by our instructors. They take both age and ability into consideration at our class evaluations at the beginning of the year.

What should dancers wear to class?

We believe appropriate dance attire is essential to reduce risk of injury and to allow the instructors to accurately see body alignment and positioning. Dancers should always strive for a neat and clean attire, with clothing that allows them freedom of movement and proper footwear that allows them maneuverability and support. The following attire is to be worn for rehearsals and workshops, unless otherwise indicated:



  • If long, hair pulled into braids or bun, bangs pinned in order to see the full face and jewellery removed

  • Dance slippers or jazz shoes

  • Either a body suit, dance tights, and practice skirt or shorts

  • Sweatshirts and hoodies are not permitted



  • If long, hair pulled into braids or bun, bangs pinned in order to see the full face and jewellery removed

  • Dance slippers or jazz shoes

  • Slim-fitting black pants

  • Solid black t-shirt or tight long-sleeved shirt, tucked in

  • Sweatshirts and hoodies are not permitted

  • Shorts are not permitted

Can I watch my child's dance practice?

We greatly appreciate parent support and enthusiasm for a dancer's journey. The presence of parents during practices can sometimes inadvertently distract the dancers from their learning and progression. To create the most conducive learning environment for our dancers, and to keep the focus primarily on the instructor and fellow dancers, we invite parents into the learning space for a small period of time near the end of the class once a month to witness and showcase the progress the dancers are making. This monthly opportunity allows parents to see firsthand the dedication and hard work being put into the dance. Parent presence at these special sessions inspire and encourage our dancers. Parent Watch Night is typically the last class of the month for all Tuesday and Thursday regular dance practices.


What kind of costuming is available for the dancers?

Yatran has a beautiful selection of costumes available for rent each dance season. These costumes represent a variety of regions and are tailored by our costume team each year to fit a range of sizes.

What are the fees for costumes?

There is a $20 rental fee per costume, $250 damage deposit and $5 hanger fee required to ensure our costumes and hangers are returned in good condition at the end of the year.

Dancers will also be required to purchase the proper dance footwear, tights, socks and makeup for performing, as determined by the instructors.


Why do we need to fundraise?

Fundraising enables Ardrossan Yatran to offer affordable dance rates, and assists with costuming and other club activites.

Are we required to participate in fundraising?

All families and dancers are required to volunteer to keep the Yatran fire burning! There are a few fundraising activities and events throughout the year that are geared to help raise money for the club, such as selling raffle tickets, collecting silent auction items for our family dance, participating in our perishke-making bee, and working casino shifts. Everyone will be expected to help at these events.

All families are required to pay a fundraising fee of $150 per family, due at the beginning of the year. Parents may recoup this fee by selling raffle tickets that will be handed out prior to the Family Dance in February.


How many festivals does Yatran participate in each year?

Our older groups typically participate in 3-4 festivals each year. The number of festivals we attend depends on various factors such as scheduling, travel distance, and recommendations from our instructors. Each dance season, festival options are presented to both our membership and our instructors for discussion and decision making. Our youngest dance groups do not perform in any festivals.

How many performances does Yatran participate in each year?

Our performance schedule extends beyond festivals to encompass events such as Family Dance and our Year End Performance, which involve all our Yatran dancers. Additionally, we have actively participated in local engagements, which have included performances at seniors' residences, Strathcona County Culture Days, UFest, Yarmarok, and the Ardrossan Picnic and Parade. Each dance season, public performances and performance invitations are presented to both our membership and instructors for consideration and decided upon based on logistics and scheduling.

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