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What about the classes?

Classes are held on Mondays from 5:30 to 9:45pm in the Hall at the Ardrossan Recreation Centre and Thursdays from 5:30-9:00pm in the Preschool Class Room at the Ardrossan Recreation Center. 

Class lengths are dependent on the group level. Yatran 1 (youngest group) dances for 30 minutes and older groups dance for up to 1 3/4.  Dancers are evaluated during the first few classes and placed in the appropriate level at the discretion of our professional instructors.  Instructors at present come to us from  the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers.  They will lead us through competitions with great result! 


How much does it cost?

Yatran believes in keeping costs affordable for families. We have a $75 non-refundable fundraising fee per Family. We may also have some fundraising activities throughout the year but families are not obligated to participate other than having their child dancing at a performance.


If you have three or more dancers registered by the July 8th pre-registration deadline, your family will qualify for an extra discount of $50.


We now offer a monthly payment option. Payment may be made using postdated cheques over 10 equal payments with the first payment being July 8, 2018.


What about costuming?

We have a large selection of costumes in our inventory that we have accumulated over the years.  In the event a new costume is required, a fundraising event is usually made in order to cover the costs.  Each family is responsible for paying a rental fee for each costume their group needs.  A damage deposit it also required for each costume, to ensure it is returned in good condition.  


What about fundraising?

All families and dancers are required to volunteer to keep the Yatran fire burning. There are a few
fundraising activities and events throughout the year that are geared to help raise money for the club.
Fundraising enables Ardrossan Yatran to offer affordable dance rates, assists with costuming, and fun
club activities. Everyone will be expected to help at these events. Many hands equals less work. 

All families are required to pay a fundraising fee of $75.00 per family due in October. Parents may
recoup this fee by selling raffle tickets that will be handed out prior to the Family Dance in February


What about competitions?

Festivals (competitions) begin in late spring when the dancers are "ready". All our dancers have the opportunity to compete in 3 different competitions in surrounding areas. e.g. Lloydminster & St. Paul. It is the parents responsibility to get the dancer to the competition. For the last couple of years, the older dancers have participated in a "bus trip" to a further away Festival. There must be a commitment from all dancers within a group to participate in competitions.


What about performances?

We like to get our dancers on stage, especially the youngest (cutest) ones. Our coordinator books the dancers into Seniors residences, community functions, and private functions. There are many commitments during April and May, winding up with our extravagant Year End concert held in Festival Place. It is important to look at your child's extracurricular commitments, because a group depends upon each member for the intricate choreography that is practised on a weekly basis, especially if the group is working towards competition. Every week, September to the end of May. It is important to decide if other commitments would supersede dancing interests once spring rolls around. Your group would be counting on you to be there!!


What about commitments?

As a Yatran dancer, you are committed to attending practices. Towards the end of the season, there are several performances and functions to showcase what our dancers have learned.

Yatran holds monthly meetings throughout the season, during regular dance practices  If you would like to voice your opinion or concerns, ask questions or share ideas...this is the venue. A club needs vocal and contributing members who are sharing in a positive manner which is conducive to supporting our children to dance and have fun. Remember, everyone is a volunteer--even the hard working Executives--and all are trying to do their very best for the dancers. Your support and input is valued and needed, but we ask that you remember that all volunteers juggle their own careers, families, costuming, dance and volunteer commitments, in addition to being dancers themselves in some instances.

We ask that you support those who are making it possible for your child to dance!

The club is run and operated solely by volunteers, of which we need many and in any capacity.  Many hands make light work!


Classes are held on Monday and Thursday nights .You'd be surprised at what you learn just by stopping in and saying "Hi" while the children are dancing. Join us and become part of the Yatran Family!

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